Most varmint hunts are scheduled at night as predatory animals are nocturnal by nature.  Though coyotes will respond to calls during daylight, foxes and bobcats respond more readily under the cover of darkness.  Most shots are taken under 40 yards so shotguns are well suited, while longer shots may require a small caliber rifle.  A .22 caliber center fire is ideal for this type of hunting, but any small caliber center fire rifle will do.

Jay Huckaby

Our primary method of hunting is from 4 WD trucks equipped with custom built platforms and two swivel chairs allowing the hunter the advantage of an elevated view.  Each hunter has their own light with a red filter lens secured to their shooting rest.  Hunters will search a 180 degrees radius for predator's eyes to shine in the light as they approach the frenzied cries of our calls. When eyes are spotted the guide will then coax the varmint in close for the shot.

Day hunts are also provided and treated as any other hunt; morning or late afternoon.  Hunters will dress in full camoflauge, the guide will take them to a good vantage point, begin calling and patiently wait for the predator.

Robert Curry